What I am finding curious lately is the number of people I encounter who will believe, without questioning, the idea that things around them, e.g., “circumstances” (Origin: Latin – circum: around; stare: around) are not positive and are fixed, unchangeable. These people seem to have such a difficult time believing in a future where things get better. It’s as if they thought that what was standing around them (their circumstances) was an immovable force.

Nothing could be further from the truth! Even if it was a wall, you could go around it, scale it or demolish it and go through it. Yet, the unwanted circumstances in our lives are illusions. Yes they look real, and boy do they feel real, but they’re not. They’re most often an out-picturing of what’s been going on inside us, perhaps what’s been going on inside us for years. ┬áIf you look at your results, you get an idea of the level your thinking has been at.

The good news is we can change it. When we identify what our dominant thoughts are, we can begin to retrain our brains to think from a different level: a higher level of thinking than we’ve been accustomed to. As the saying goes, it’s hard to see the picture when you’re the one in the frame, so getting some objective, non-critical input is going to really move you forward.

At first you begin to change the thoughts. I recommend beginning with an empowering vision for your life and thinking thoughts that are in alignment with that vision. And then the opportunities and synchroncities show up that couldn’t show up before at the level of your old thinking. And some things you’re desirous of seem to come to you from “out of the blue”.

If, up until now, you’ve believed that “it’s always something” or you can’t be successful because of your boss, partner, family, etc. think again! It’s as easy to believe something that is positive as it to believe something that is negative. (Unless you’re watching the news…that makes it challenging.)

Time for you to get curious. Try this: “I wonder what my life would like it if it was just the way I want it to be?” Or “I wonder how far I could go, if I didn’t let this circumstance interfere with my progress?”

Be a believer in a bright future for yourself and others. Change your thoughts and take a baby step. You’ve got this!

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