I used to own a powerboat.   There were many things to love about it and one was certainly the sense of adventure it provided. This was in the days before the Global Positioning Satellites (GPS) hit the market. My trusted navigational tools were a compass, sonar depth finder (to ensure the water I was in was deep enough to accommodate the inboard/outboard engine) and the stars.

When I first got the boat, I was reluctant to lose sight of the shore while out on the ocean. I had been a Long Islander all my life and very familiar with the terrain, but now I was charting a course from a new perspective. I always felt most confident losing sight of the landmarks and shore when my friend accompanied me who knew those waters like the back of his hand. I really felt (especially at night) I could have been lost at sea without this friend.

Because sometimes even if we have the right tools and the right training, if we want to discover new territory, we’re going to want a guide.

That’s one of the things I really love about being a coach. It’s not that people don’t have tools – many do. It’s that having a coach assists you in navigating into previously unchartered waters, adventures in life you might not otherwise take. I’m passionate about providing guidance, a sense of ease and comfort in helping you take the next inspired action step toward your dreams.

Andre Gide said: “Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.”

What are the new horizons in your life you would venture out to discover if you had an expert guide? Contact me for a complementary discovery session and let’s begin charting your course.  It’s time to leave the shoreline.

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