For those of us in the northern hemisphere, we’re welcoming in Spring now. It’s an amazing time of year: so many signs of new life and new growth. And I celebrate my birthday in Spring; that’s an annual opportunity to look at where I want to be (in the next phase of my growth) and what it will take to get there.  If we take our queues from Mother Nature, we’d all be stepping into a new, expanded glorious version of ourselves right about now.

“Springtime inspires us to believe that, along with the earth, we too might change, release the past, and give birth to new ideas.”- Madisyn Taylor

And many of us are not.  Why is this?  What stops us from following the instinct to grow, to expand – as the world around us is doing?  It could appear to be a variety of things ‘stopping us’, but for our purposes here, I’ve narrowed it down to three of the top contenders.

1. Fear: Fear of the unknown, fear of failure, fear of success, fear of embarrassment.   When we begin to move out of our comfort zones, the amygdala gets activated – our fear center – and our reptilian brain reacts in a similar manner to being chased by a saber toothed tiger.  Only this saber toothed tiger isn’t real.  Do you know what is real, though? The pain of regret.  The pain of not pursuing your dreams.  The pain of not following your passion and shrinking into a smaller and smaller version of yourself.

2. Habituated patterns: We get stuck in our ruts of same old, same old and, even though it doesn’t serve us, it gives us the illusion of avoiding being uncomfortable.  (In reality, how uncomfortable is it to continue to avoid the pull to grow? We’re either ripening or we’re rotting – and we get to choose.) How uncomfortable is regret?

3. We’ve settled into being average:  We are pulled to mediocrity, and just like a spacecraft taking off, leaving the earth’s atmosphere, “escape velocity” is a factor.  This is the minimum speed (force, if you will) required to escape the gravitational pull of the earth.    And so it is with humans, there is a minimum force required, above the pull of our ordinary lives, to escape beyond the pull of the familiar and into new areas.

Isn’t it time for you step into a new version of yourself?  To shed some limiting beliefs, and step into your green, growing edge — your greatness.   What is it you would love in the area of your business/career, or your time and money freedom? Perhaps you’re looking to bring in something or someone new in the area of your relationships?   Or maybe this is your time to finally embrace and step into your dream of vibrant, abundant health and wellbeing.

I’m inviting you to come hang out with me in the green, growing edge of your own becoming.   I’m extending an invitation to you for a complimentary Discovery Session with me where I will help you get crystal clear on an empowering vision for your life — a life you would love.  A crystal clear vision that pulls you toward it, allowing you to escape the gravitational pull of ‘what is’. Napoleon Hill talks about a “burning desire”.  When we turn your vision – your dreams –  into a burning desire, it has the potency to overcome fear and other obstacles.

What are you waiting for?  Let’s get you going!  And let’s hang out in the green growing edges of our own becoming.

Click below to schedule your complimentary Discovery Session. It’s time to give birth to your dreams and ideas and nurture them into your reality.   It’s time for the next level of YOU – the greatest version of them all.

Click here to book your complimentary Discovery Session.

Remember, you are a powerful creator!


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