We are often stuck in the status quo; not because we don’t have the knowledge, but because of our paradigms. There are many definitions of a paradigm. Here’s mine: A set of beliefs, habits, perceptions, attitudes from which you live and view the world and everything around you.  It’s a lens through which you see but, for the most part,  you aren’t aware that it’s there, acting like a “limiter” on your performance. I see it as the container which holds all those beliefs, habits, perceptions and attitudes.

And guess what? For the most part, they are not “your” beliefs and attitudes.  You (all of us) were indoctrinated into them by well meaning family members/influencers long before we reached the age of reason (somewhere around 7).

So it’s not a lack of knowledge – it’s the “container” of our beliefs, etc. Think about the problem of excess weight.  There is no lack of knowledge on the subject (even if some of it is conflicting). Studies show that almost no matter what popular diet is followed, if followed, it will result in weight loss. But people “fall off” the wagon all the time. Why? Of course they know going off their diet is not the road to success. But there are some beliefs, habits and perceptions which have more power – and those beliefs are the operating system running behind everything they do and say.  Of course, there are useful paradigms: We brush every teeth and shower daily, all coming out of a paradigm about cleanliness and oral care.

Being an avid boater from Long Island,  sometimes I used to go crabbing – catching crabs to eat for dinner. I learned what everyone knows who goes crabbing; If you catch one crab, you need to put a lid on the bucket, if you have more than one or a group of crabs, no lid is required.  Why? Because the solitary crab will climb out of the bucket. But as soon as you add some of his “friends” to the bucket, when he tries to make his escape, the others will pull him back down into the bucket – every time.

That’s how paradigms operate, too.  So the dieter has a thought, “I will lose weight” and that’t the solitary crab trying to escape the bucket. But all the beliefs, habits, perceptions show up and don’t give that thought the chance to take hold. “It’s only one cookie”, “I deserve a treat”, “It’s in my genes, I’m big boned”  – all those statements come from your paradigm.

It’s the same with money.  Let’s assume someone was raised in a family that struggled financially.  This person sees the world through that lens, that paradigm.  So even when legitimate opportunities present themselves, this person will view them as “Too good to be true.” or worse, they believe they are not a candidate for success.

How do we prevail over these pesky paradigms?

  • Any area where you’ve got some struggle going on, there’s a negative paradigm needing to be banished and recreated. So in this area of your life, write down all the beliefs you have pertaining to it. At first, you will get some superficial beliefs that you already know you know. Go deeper. Reveal to yourself what beliefs are operating under the surface.
  • For every disempowering belief you wrote down, write a new opposite, powerful, positive belief. It will be necessary for you to repeat these beliefs/affirmations (fully embodying them – not by rote) again and again. That’s how the paradigms began – by repetition.
  • Decide what new habits would be in alignment with each new belief. Make a list of action steps you can take that are in alignment with your new beliefs.  And remember, the habit is more important than the intensity. Small action steps, repeated daily with your affirmations.

Before you know it, your new healthy paradigm will take hold – whether it’s centered around money, health, relationships or any other area of your life.  If you’d like to accelerate your results in these areas. click the link below for a complimentary Discovery Session where we can discuss what you’d love to bring into your life, what’s been holding you back (up until now) and the best action steps to take to put you on the fast track to manifesting your vision.

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Blessings, Susan

Remember, you are a Powerful Creator!

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