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When everything is lost, and all seems darkness, then comes the new life and all that is needed ~ Joseph Campbell

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               I don't know what I would have done... 
I feel as though Susan is responsible for me finding life again after tragedy.   I never met anyone who has been through so much and is so genuinely positive and happy.   She took all the gifts from each of her own experiences and crafted them into a masterpiece of a life -- and she showed me how I could do that, too. She is a transformational genius and guided me in the most loving and compassionate way to my new life. I am now enjoying life more than ever and I never thought that would happen.  I know it wouldn't have happened without Susan's expert coaching.  - Michaela Richards 

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Guide: From the Dark Night of the Soul to the Bright Light of Infinite Potential

Susan Walsh has masterfully navigated through several Dark Nights of the Soul, and can expertly guide you through yours and have you tap into the bright light of Infinite Potential.

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