An inspiring speaker who captivates and engages the audience by connecting wth them in a powerful way.  Susan has shared the stage with luminaries John Assaraf and Mary Morrissey, among others. Her brilliant teachings on leadership, mentorship, success principles, transformation, universal laws and tapping into our innate unlimited potential, accompanied by her warmth, humor and a rare depth and authenticity by all make her a highly sought after speaker.

Susan enthralled our group of over 250 people: not an easy feat.  We found her engaging, insightful, charming and entertaining and we all enjoyed the information she shared with us. We appreciated her humor, compassion and wisdom.   We experienced a profound collective shift. - L. Barbier, District Conference Chair

Susan is a Gove certified professional speaker who captivates, inspires and motivates audiences connecting them to their true potential.  

Susan's workshop was truly inspiring, uplifting and motivational! She really knows how to help people direct their energy and focus on what they want to create! Susan is an awesome asset to anyone wanting to expand their life in so many ways!  She has inspired me! - A. O'Brien


Whether it is a corporate event, a lunch and learn, organizational or board retreat or other speaking engagement, Susan Walsh will deliver a powerful custom tailored talk with content on myriad subjects. The audience will be inspired, engaged, empowered and leave with new insights and knowledge on how to take the next steps in their lives.

In Susan's signature presentation, you will learn a simple formula that will give you the keys to moving into an Unprecedented Life.

Key points that you will learn:

  • Simple thinking-strategies to guard you from fear, doubt and worry.
  • The Number One factor that causes people to lose steam when going after their goal, and how to stay motivated and override it.
  • The one critical thing you must give up in order to reach your dream.
Sample topics Susan has spoken on include The Spiritual Side of Success; What to Do When Nothing Seems to Be Working; The Antidote to Failure; Optimizing Your Results.
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Susan encouraged me to dream big and work the program.  I did both and now find myself in a new position at work, in better physical shape than I was when I started, and two weeks ago I accomplished a goal I've been working on for 3 years! There are so many lessons I have learned that have profoundly affected me. 



I am so impressed with Susan's energy and depth. I thoroughly support her in taking her gifts to other organizations. I would also appreciate the superb visioning she did with our Board of Directors. It changed the nature of the conversations.

Susan is a blessing. What she did for us was perfect. And it changed the tone in scope of what we've been doing. So deep in the weeds we had been. 



Susan's workshop inspired our congregants to seek the very best and highest results from their dreams for the future. It helped them to focus on specific areas of need and desire.

They were led to realize the importance of their willingness to make daily affirmations, become aware of struggles, continue working in areas of self improvement, and invest in making positive changes in their life. In all, Susan Walsh was able to offer our people a very enlightening while entertaining workshop experience.