Lisa Nichols

Susan Walsh is a results oriented woman with conviction, perseverance and tenacity who will help you make that next chapter of your life the best chapter. 

Mary Morrissey

It is truly my pleasure to personally recommend Susan Walsh. With her great insight and deep understanding of human potential, she will empower you to create the life and business of your dreams and successfully lead you through the steps to achieve it.


Working with Susan in her Platinum Program has changed my life!  I have always known I could live a bigger life, a better life, a richer life, yet couldn't quite get there on my own. Her coaching has been instrumental in me growing into the woman I am today.  I am prouder, more powerful, and more loving because of her.  She is a master at revealing my blind spots.  I am and will forever be grateful for her work and friendship in my life!


I was so immediately impressed with Susan’s vitality and energy.  She commands proficiency with many of the prosperity-building and life-coaching techniques that are practiced today and incorporates her mastery of them into her work. I was shocked at her ability to give me a recommendation for a book or audio book instantly, almost no matter what the issue was. She has clearly made this her life's work and has devoted her time and energy to understanding and mastering all that she can about all that is available.

I have crystalized my dreams, with Susan's help, and I’m moving them forward!  I have now made positive changes in my career, giving me more time, I am teaching meditation and I have started writing my first book and am well on my way. I’m becoming a ”change-maker," which I have always felt was my purpose on this planet. Coaching with Susan is the reason my passions are alive and well and moving forward today.

I can barely imagine someone more suited as a coach than Susan. Her empathy, complete mastery in so many areas, and her un-wavering devotion to help her clients is something rarely found these days. Thank you God for bringing her into my life!   The reason my passions are alive and well and moving forward today is because of Susan.


Before I began coaching with Susan, I felt trapped in so many areas:  my health, my career and relationships. She is amazing and the transformations that took place in my life are indescribable.  I have a new career that I’m happy in, doubled my salary, my health is now the best it’s been and I am in a loving, supportive relationship for the first time in many years.  She’s more than a coach - a brilliant mentor!

John Assaraf

Susan Walsh seeks the best for her own life and for that of her clients. She is constantly growing and learning new ways to think, teach, and reach out in support of others' expansion and growth, from a heart-based intelligence, which is steeped in deeper understanding of universal principles. If you want a transformational life coach who walks her talk, I personally recommend Susan. She will assist you in getting to the place where you love what you do, while doing what you love.

April Kmiechick

I knew from the moment I met Susan, she was a special woman. She has provided me with loving yet firm guidance that has allowed me to step into the truest version of myself. With her help, I have been able to shed years of limiting beliefs and contractive thinking patterns in an amazingly short amount of time. I am so grateful to have someone like her in my life to push and support me in my transformation.


Since working with Susan, I have seen enormous changes in my life. Through her coaching and guidance, she has help me reframe my thoughts, and most importantly help me actualize my goals. I had been extremely negative, felt like the world was on my shoulders, and allowed my job and family to consume my life. She would not allow me to focus on the negatives, and guided me to look at things through different lenses/perspective. “Notice what you’re noticing.” Thanks to Susan, I left my career, I am now starting a new business, became a health coach, and I am now working on my 200 hour yoga teacher training. This has been a 10 year dream! I am actually doing it!! I can now visualize where I am going thanks to this wonderful woman! She never gives up on you and truly keeps your intentions and vision alive for you even when you can’t see it for yourself. I am deeply grateful for her continued presence in my life!


I feel so privileged for the opportunity to work with Susan Walsh.  She is a world class transformational coach with a deep understanding and vast knowledge of spiritual principles, universal laws and how to achieve success. 

Before going through her coaching program, my life was a series of frustrations and disappointments.   I was living in a rut with no foreseeable way out. 

Now I am living a life that I absolutely adore:  a new fulfilling business earning more money than I have ever earned,  a new wonderful loving and supportive relationship, and  I have learned new principles and tools to be able to manifest any dream I desire. 


Many people call themselves transformational coaches but they don't do the work. Susan has done the work and I admire her for that.


Susan is a teacher of teachers.

Joseph Drolshagen

I have worked with Susan for several months and she has made the pivotal difference between how far and how quickly I’ve risen the ranks in my coaching business! Working with Susan, I was able to bring my brand new coaching business fro zero to five figures in five weeks. I have since left my full time job and am coaching full time. She helped me establish clear goals and I'm able to track my activity against MY goals! She has a great way of bringing me to my best. Her experience and skills in coaching coaches is far beyond anything I’ve experienced! She is down to earth, yet knows how to apply pressure, always driven toward my goals! Susan has helped me in every area of my coaching business and every area of my personal life as well! I have gained so much self love and self confidence.  I didn’t even realize prior to working with SUSAN how little I honored myself in my life! Today, I wear my deserving with pride, gratitude, love, passion and excitement! With Susan's guidance, I've also given up an addiction, healed diabetes, and finally learned what a healthy relationship really is. Susan is definitely the “best of the best” and I have such a deep gratitude towards her for being my coach and mentor! She literally changed my life!!


I have done a 360 in my life and business since I began Susan’s Platinum Program.  She has been my guiding light as I continue to take the steps that are mine to take in the face of fear and also with a knowing that I am becoming the woman I am envisioning.  Susan is masterful at getting down to the root of struggles that come up, re-framing my paradigms and moving past them.  My crystal clear vision continues to become clearer and clearer with each interaction I have with her.  I highly recommend Susan for helping you get clear about what you want in your life, re-framing old patterns and guiding you in taking steps in your becoming.

Trudy testimonial photo

Susan Walsh has helped me tremendously as I embarked on leaving a job to start up my own two businesses. Lovingly holding me accountable, she has encouraged me to grow not only in my work, but also in my relationships. I have always felt that she "has my back."  In addition to being a kind and loving person, Susan is a "kick-ass" coach! She has a plethora of knowledge about transformation, and teaches concepts with compassion and passion.

I recommend working with her if you are ready to grow into a new best-self version of you!’